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Why 410 Bridge?

Because of our unique community development model, communities are empowered and projects become sustainable. They are not fully dependent on Western short-term mission teams to complete or maintain.

This allows each team time and energy to pursue relationships as they work alongside community members to reach their goals through activities, projects, and visits to their homes and churches. 

We see teams encounter life-changing experiences and are inspired to continue using their gifts to serve the Kingdom. 

We are currently facilitating trips to 410 Bridge communities in Kenya and Guatemala.


Types of Trips

Community Development Teams

Plug into a community to utilize the gifts and talents of the trip participants while coming alongside the community and their specific needs.

They will have the opportunity to pray for the community members, build healthy relationships with the community, and edify and equip the local leadership at a minimum.

Any of our Community Development Teams can be recruited with a specific focus (ie. Family teams, High School students, Women’s/Men’s ministry, etc.).

Program Teams

These are groups of people that are specifically recruited to focus on adding skills and knowledge to communities in one or more of the specific areas of development such as:


DISCIPLESHIP: Marriage Teams, Pastors Conference (Kenya Only)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Marketplace or Business Start-Up Teams (Kenya Only)

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Medical Teams, Medical & Dental teams

Trip Communication Timeline

Once trip dates have been confirmed, your dedicated 410 Bridge Trip Communicator will assist with the following:

  • Accessing our Trips App
  • Trip Resources
  • Trip Training
  • Trip Logistics
  • Travel Questions
  • Debrief after the trip

Trip Resource

Looking for a solid trip resource as your prepare for your life-changing trip? Check out the book “If You Really Want To Help” by our founder, Kurt Kandler.