Our Community Development Model

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    Indigenous Leadership

    In each 410 Bridge community, a Leadership Council, comprised primarily of local pastors and leaders, is established first.

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    Community Assessment

    Each Council identifies assets and gifts in their community, as well as the community’s greatest needs, both physical and spiritual.

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    Development Plan

    After assessing a community’s needs, the Leadership Council prioritizes the areas of development they believe need the most attention, and makes an action plan.

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    The 410 Bridge and our partners then come alongside these communities to help them achieve their goals.

5 Key Areas Of Development

Multiple projects may take place within 5 key areas of development, based on the community’s foreseen need.






The Transformation

The projects belong to the community.

Because projects & programs are not dependent on Western short term missions teams to be completed or maintained, they become sustainable by the local leaders and people.

Short term missions become primarily relational.

The teams now have time and energy to pursue relationships as they work alongside community members on projects and through visits in their homes and churches.

The community is empowered.

We measure our success not by what we do, but by what the community does on its own. Recognizing God has gifted and equipped them to fulfill a purpose, communities become empowered to continue the development effort on their own.

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