One Size Does Not Fit All

It is always inspiring to listen to our children’s dreams and ideas of what they want to do someday. Children start dreaming at an early age, and it is no different for the children growing up in extreme poverty.

They think about their education and how God can use them to help serve others. And their dreams are important because God created them with a unique purpose, just like everyone else!

But unfortunately, poverty can sometimes place extra barriers in front of children, making their dreams harder to accomplish than others. This is where YOU can play a part in helping them realize their dreams!

The 410 Bridge sponsorship program is UNLIKE MOST! Why? Because each community we serve in has unique strengths and challenges, so we customize sponsorship programming in each location! One Size Does Not Fit All. When you invest in a child’s life through 410 Bridge, you support programs that cater to their country’s and community’s unique set of barriers.

Discover each country’s unique barriers and how we have we have tailored our sponsorship programs to meet the unique needs of the children we serve!

Your $39 monthly gift will connect you directly with a child living in a 410 Bridge community. But the impact of your generosity goes far beyond just one student. Our unique sponsorship model helps eliminate the barriers to quality education for every child living in the community. Your generosity will be felt across the entire community.

Take a look at some of the following stories to see how sponsorship has changed lives for both the child and their sponsor.

Leveraging the Positives of Child Sponsorship While Eliminating the Negatives

I remember it like it was yesterday. If I close my eyes, I can still smell the musky scent of dirt in the air and feel the warm heat from the glorious sun on my face. I was standing in the middle of a playground within the

Test scores are rising in Mivukoni!

Check out this update on education in Mivukoni community! Thank you to everyone who supports and loves Mivukoni! Your generosity is creating change in the community that is going to impact generations to come.

Where They Are Now : From Child Sponsorship to University

We are so proud of our 410 Bridge Sponsorship Program alumni and how they’re using their gifts to give back. They’re truly breaking cycles of poverty in their communities. Meet some of our alumni and hear their stories in their own words. Martha Waiganjo   “Life is

Sponsorships Change Lives


We care for spiritual needs through our discipleship programs, empowering students to see themselves as children of God.


We care for each child’s physical, spiritual and educational needs. We work to raise the quality of education for the entire classroom.


We work with local leadership to identify barriers to education, customizing our programs to meet each community’s specific needs.

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