The beauty of sponsorship.

What an incredible privilege it is to connect our children and their sponsors and for them to share their stories.  This week, we would like to introduce you to Shanna and Chedson…

Chedson SelfieSeveral months ago the Daraja Children’s Choir visited our church and filled our community with love, laughter and excitement. Following their performances, our pastor told us about the opportunity to sponsor children, like those visiting our church, through the 410 Bridge’s child sponsorship program. Immediately my husband and I knew that this is what God was calling us to do and we hoped that someday we would have the opportunity to meet the child we sponsored. Luckily “someday” came sooner than we expected!

Chedson and glassesLast month we were able to travel to Chadirac, Haiti with several members of our church in partnership with the 410 Bridge. Our church has been partnering with the 410 Bridge and the community of Chadirac for several years in hopes of building rich and meaningful relationships with other communities.  My husband and I were able to experience first-hand how fulfilling those relationships can be when we had the chance to meet Chedson, the little boy we sponsor. Spending time with Chedson and his family enriched our lives in so many ways. While we were in Chadirac we were able to see how a simple decision to sponsor a child can have an immeasurable impact on the child, their family and their community… not to mention our hearts! The 410 Bridge provided us with the opportunity to visit Chedson’s school, home and church. We were able to spend time with his community’s Leadership Council and meet with Haiti’s 410 Bridge staff. The week we spent in Chedson’s community highlighted just how important our sponsorship is. Because of the sponsorship program, Chedson is able to go to school and learn about Jesus. He has access to clean water and he gets personal visits from Chadirac’s Community Child Advocate, Ysmich (who we also met!). It was easy to see that the 410 Bridge and its sponsorship program have filled Chadirac with hope… and we feel blessed to be a small part of that!

Chadirac, Haiti 2014 072My husband and I are so thankful that we had the opportunity to meet Chedson. We are excited to be a part of a church that has committed to building relationships with other communities and look forward to going back to Chadirac in the future. We are excited to watch Chedson grow up and we look forward to seeing how the community of Chadirac will flourish. We are thankful that the 410 Bridge has challenged us to re-think how we look at mission work and we are grateful for this experience.

Thank you 410 Bridge for not only helping kids like Chedson and communities like Chadirac, but for changing our lives forever!

To get more information on how you can be a part of our sponsorship program, check out our website or give us a call at 770-664-4949.  We would love to help connect you with this type of incredible experience!

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