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On our blog description, The 410 Bridge is described as a family.  Being the elder statesman of The 410 Bridge, I have been involved with a number of organizations in my life and in some of those I have described the staff as family, others I could have described in other terms.  Family is not a thing of perfection but is a growing, living being that needs each member to play the role that God has given them in order for the family to run effectively.  There are times when it runs like clockwork but also times it feels more like a bumpy road full of obstacles.  It is during the rough times you find where true family resides.  God has a way of bonding people together that are sharing the same struggles and bringing them to a place of dependence on God and on each other to overcome these hard times.  To be honest with you, I have had some jobs where it was everyone for themselves with no one to rally around to bring that sense of family to the group.  A strong family will have a strong leader behind it, one who is respected and trusted, a person of integrity.  I came to The 410 Bridge almost two years ago and hoped that this ministry would be a place of family doing God’s work.  God has not disappointed me.  The 410 Bridge is a family like no other, a mixture of imperfect people that God has brought together for His purpose in Kenya.

You must know that for me, integrity in the leaders I work for is a character trait that I will not bend an inch on.  I have left jobs in the past because of moral and financial integrity issues with bosses.  Family cannot survive where there is a lack of integrity and trust.  With this said and you knowing my hot button issue I want to say that the leadership at The 410 Bridge, both Kurt and Lanny are men I highly respect and are overflowing with integrity.  I respect them not for what they do, but for who they are.  Good leadership breeds family. It is easy to follow when you respect the one you are following and they respect you.  We at The 410 Bridge are a family like no other I have ever had at a job.  We do nothing for our glory or to build us up but with humility we try to serve our God and Kenya.

I want you to know who we are, the type of family that serves you at The 410 Bridge.  Not perfect but doing what God has called us to do using everything He has given us to glorify Him. Are we family?  I answer YES to that and I would not trade my family I work with for anything.  I am proud of all of them and honored as the oldest family member to serve God with them.  We are in the fight because we all have a call to serve God and the people of Kenya and will continue to work together as a family to answer His call.  So it is not a random mix of people in an office that is trying to do a job but a group of imperfect believers that God has brought together and made into a family that loves doing what we get to do for you and the people of Kenya.  This is one incredible family who is in the fight!!


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