Seasons of faithfulness.


They are a natural part of our journey with Christ, just as they are with the earth we inhabit. We are looking up from what we call our “busy season”, and realizing that when a season of rapid growth comes, it can be easy to get caught up in simply maintaining the growth.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pause and take some time to recognize God’s faithfulness as we head into the last few months of the year. In fact, it’s a necessity as we take a deep breath for all that lies ahead.

In Psalm 20, David writes an encouraging word and request for God to grant success.

May He grant your heart’s desires
and make all your plans succeed.
May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory
and raise a victory banner in the name of our God.
May the Lord answer all your prayers. -Psalm 20:4-5

We see in the very next chapter God’s faithfulness to answer and grant victory.

How the king rejoices in your strength, O Lord!
He shouts with joy because you give him victory.
For you have given him his heart’s desire;
you have withheld nothing he requested. -Psalm 21:6

What a beautiful picture of remembrance and gratitude for us to follow in light of God’s generous grace and favor.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift we receive in seeing God at work through The 410 Bridge is the life transformation that happens on both sides of the bridge. We could list many projects and programs that have launched across communities, and these are all good and part of our organizational purpose to empower nations and break the cycle of poverty. Things like:

-More than 1,000 trip participants on U.S. service teams to communities across Kenya, Haiti & Uganda.
Foundations for Farming training launched, helping local farmers learn to farm God’s way.
Business Start-up Training launching in several communities, helping people start businesses while also being discipled.
-Several safe water projects launched and nearing completion, improving overall health & wellness.
-Increased access to quality education thanks in part to the driving force of 410 Bridge Child Sponsors.
-The first annual 410 Bridge Partner conference, attended by more than 80 of our church partners and organizations who are helping influence healthy global missions.
Rejoice Project Biblical virtues being taught in schools in Kenya are deeply impacting the discipleship of children and their families.

This only touches the surface of the ripple effect happening throughout communities…

Yet, we know our connection to Jesus is the ultimate win as He is working in and through every plan to do more than make a difference, but create all things NEW in our lives and communities.

This is why we stop, reflect, share with you our appreciation, and praise God – because it is good to remember as we walk forward.

Truly, our greatest blessing has been sharing in relationships that bring the joy of God’s presence.

You have endowed us with eternal blessings
and given us the joy of Your presence. -Psalm 21:6

In any and every season, we know He has been with us – closer than we know! In His presence, there is fullness of JOY. And we love seeing this in the faces of all who are with us on this journey. We pray you’ll know we’re always thanking God for you and your generosity.

Coming Up

We’ve got some exciting ways to get involved coming this fall, including an opportunity for youth groups to impact poverty in a stupidly fun way (yes, stupidly!).

You’ll notice a fresh new look for fall on our most visual story telling platform – Be on the lookout…we are excited to share more with you!

DARAJA Children’s Choir of Africa is introducing their 2015/16 Choir, and we are preparing the way (through many petitions and prayers) for their arrival in October. If you’d like to help fill an urgent need, the Choir currently has a wish list of items that are needed for the successful transition to the States. Check out for their upcoming schedule and more exciting updates.

Plus – the 7th Annual 410 Bridge Golf Classic is Monday, November 2 at Atlanta National Golf Club. Registration is now open, and we are also hosting a Silent Auction on the day of the event. We’d love your help…

Do you have a friend or family member who would be willing to donate any of these items for the auction? Email us at

  • Week stay at a vacation house (beach, mountain, lake, etc.)
  • Sporting event tickets (SEC football, NFL, MLB, NBA)
  • Unique experiences (drive a NASCAR race car, meet a celebrity, etc.)
  • Tickets to a concert, Broadway show, special event, theme park
  • Skymiles
  • Memorabilia

If you or your organization would like to be represented through Sponsorship, we have several levels that we would like to fill – please check out for all of the details (or click on the links in this blog).

The Golf Classic is one of our primary fundraising events on this side of the bridge, and is always a fun time of getting to see our partners and friends! Any way that you could support our efforts to continue bringing lasting life change to communities would be greatly appreciated.

And our most favorite time of year – CHRISTMAS! We have some unique stories of celebration we’ll be sharing, and other ways you can become involved (we may even need some volunteers) – we’ll keep you posted!

Joyfully Looking Forward

We are confident of this – a season of God’s faithfulness will again follow the season behind us… and we will celebrate and rejoice all the more!

Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.
-Romans 5:2

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