Spiritual Development

the Local church is the hero

In everything we do, we seek to share the transformational impact that a Biblical worldview can have on the lives of the people living in extreme poverty. 

Spiritual Development Programs

We work to provide Bibles for all children in the community as well as individuals taking part in our different programs.

Pastoral Training
We encourage and provide training for our local pastors to be successful disciples of Jesus and to create churches that create more disciples.

How Do Our Spiritual Development Programs Work?

In all 410 Bridge communities, we encourage and provide trainings for our local Pastors to be successful disciples of Jesus and to create churches that create more disciples.  We also teach that local churches need to be the center of their communities.

We assist in developing a Pastors/Church Leader Fellowship group that meets regularly to discuss topics with the goal of working together for the benefit of the entire community. 

The spiritual development program is embedded in all our program areas.  All training curricula are created on a foundation of biblical teaching.  Our training around our water projects include a basis of God providing the living water in our spiritual lives. 

Our education programs include discipling our students around what it means to be a child of God and living with that daily as their identity.  Our economic development programs teach the importance of being good and productive stewards of the resources we have been given by our heavenly Father. 

We work closely with strategic partners such as Real Life Ministries and Crown Ministries.

Most of our Leadership Councils (LC) have pastors or church leaders as members.  Our LC participate in a yearly or bi-yearly training which include what the Bible says about empowerment and stewardship.  The LC members are expected to transfer these learnings to community members in their everyday life interactions. 

Our LC members are expected to be model community members and to live out their lives with a discipleship mindset.

Our goal is to have all community members connected to a local church.  We want the local church to be the hero.  When community members are struggling, it is important that they are in community relationships to lean into for support rather than outside support. 

Our desire is that the church is involved in all projects/programs happening in the community so that the community members see the impact that the unified body of Christ can make in their lives.

Be a Part of the Spiritual Development
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