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I had the opportunity to serve with the folks from NewSpring Church last month.  34 people in total visited the Segera Mission….  A service team of 18 people worked in Depatus, Endana and Black Tank…   16 medical professionals divided into two teams and served over 2,000 people in 4 1/2 days. Special thanks to our newest community partner.

I asked the NewSpring team to sum up their trip to Kenya in 1 sentence and here are some replies:

“My trip to Kenya was life changing.” J. Wilson

“I left for Kenya thinking only of the opportunity we had to serve…what I experienced was the true meaning of “Dear Lord, Give me everything I need and nothing I want.”” M. McNeill

“Amidst the greatest suffering I have ever seen, God allowed our team from NewSpring Church to deliver love, healing, kindness, physical assistance and the message of salvation to the grateful Kenyan people in the Segera mission area.” S. Misiaveg

“God uncovered another little piece of himself to me by broadening my perspective of his glory by showing me that there are terrible and upsetting things in this world, but God is so much bigger than poverty, pain, hunger, thirst, orphans, injustice, apathy, dirty water, and dusty lands and he can and will be glorified in all those things.” M. Moran

“God used this Kenya trip to show me how His sovereign love and mercy transcends all cultures and languages, and He gave me a completely new perspective on literally being His hands and feet.” C. Jordan

“So many words in my vocabulary like “need” and “necessity” have been redefined, and I have come to realize how truly blessed I am.” V. Waters

“I prayed for God to strengthen my heart for this trip to Kenya — I just never thought He’d do it in a way that left me completely humbled & in awe of the lives that they live over there…I miss the people dearly already!” E. Woods

“My mission trip to Kenya was an indescribable, life changing experience where Jesus allowed me to have a small part in what He is doing in the lives of the Kenyan people in the Segera region.” B. Maddox

“The Kenyans in the Segera Region need HOPE that can only be found in a realtionship with Jesus Christ.” L. Sanders

“The Kenya mission trip experience for me was eye opening, life changing and revealed to me the power and global existence of an all sovereign and loving God!” W. Weldon

“Humbled, amazed, saddened, enriched, loved, awed, and connected from the United States to Kenya-Jesus is the savior who unites us all!” C. Morrison

“Ok, so it has taken me a while to process the Kenya trip but I am finally ready to try and summarize the experience. The person who goes to Kenya is not the same person who returns.  The trip/experience is one of sanctification, the process of more consistently and fervently obeying Jesus Christ (thanks John Piper).  It is analogous to having your “reset” button pushed – everything you thought was important seems silly and your priorities become shuffled.  It teaches you how to let the Holy Spirit work through you rather than constantly blocking or resisting His work.  In fact, the medical team even developed the 5th vital sign for patients, in addition to temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure; each patient was asked, “Do you know Jesus?”  So thank you 410 Bridge for teaching me how to better focus on offering healing to my patients when curing might not be possible.” Dr. C. Bailey-Dorton

I went to Kenya with a passion to show Jesus to the people of the Segera area-instead, they showed Him to me through a raw, unconditional, pure faith in Jesus Christ like I’ve never seen. R. Evatt


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