Recently, our Kenyan Staff saw an opportunity to engage students in Irigithathi in a big way! This last year has been taxing on students, teachers, and communities as a whole. The education system in Kenya, for the majority of 2020 was basically shut down. Students were out school and not learning which opened doors to poor behavior and bad habits in many different communities.

Our staff has been working tirelessly with community leaders on how they could engage the youth in a way that would encourage them to stay out of trouble and continue working towards their goals, even if school was not in session.

Pictured below is Micah, our Economic Development Program Coordinator in Kenya, walking a group of young people through our Business Start-up Training. A course normally designed for adults, but one that can truly ignite creativity and hope in young people as well! Thank you to everyone who so generously donates and supports The 410 Bridge, you have helped us make countless events like this possible, which truly leaves a lasting impact on the lives of so many.