Meet Masyuko!

Meet Masyuko, a first grader at Uvunye Primary School in Ngaamba.  Masyuko is one of the many Kenyan children available for sponsorship with The 410 Bridge.  Masyuko lives with his parents in the community of Ngaamba and has one brother and one sister.  He likes to play football and compete in running races with his friends (what little boys DON’T like to do this?!).  His favorite subject in school is Social Studies and Masyuko wants to be an engineer when he grows up.  At home, he helps around the house by fetching water and looking after the family’s animals.

Through child sponsorship, Masyuko will be given the opportunity to have a quality education, which is often hard to come by in Kenya.  The 410 Bridge has been actively working through our education programs to ensure additional qualified teachers are hired, students have their own textbooks (sometimes, 4-5 children share a textbook), infrastructure is in place to actively support the program, feeding programs are provided so children don’t have to return home (and possibly not come back) for lunch and clean water is provided to the school.  All of these things can be barriers for a quality education, but child sponsorship helps knock them down!

If you have been with us on a trip to Kenya or just love Kenya (like we do!), check out the Kenyan communities we have up for sponsorship and join with us in providing opportunity for these children!

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