Love and Greetings from Karogoto

Dear Brethren,

It is our sincere hope that this finds you well and strong in the grace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Kindly receive our love and greetings from Karogoto.

We are very thankful to God for the way He has continued to work within our people and the churches in Karogoto. We have been witnessing tremendous growth in the churches and the name of the Lord has received great glory with many turning to salvation. Before the end of the month by the Grace of God I will be baptizing almost 25 new converts. The other pastors around (Pastor Stephen, Pastor Charles, Pastor David and Pastor Robert) also testify that their ministries are growing every day since the partnership begun. We know that the timing of God is the best but we wish this partnership had started earlier. God is our witness that the impact we have witnessed over the last 2 1/2 years is something that was no where near our imaginations. In particular almost all churches now can come together and do common seminars, evangelism and prayer meetings, something that never used to happen.

The community also has come together to seek for common solutions for its problems after the church set the pace. We are believing God for the transformation of this community as we continue partnering with you.

It will be unfair for me to close this without mentioning some of the things that have touched our people and particularly the entire community:

The Bibles given to us to distribute was the greatest blessing that happened to our people. Some of those who received the gifts have never owned a bible the whole of their lives. It made hundreds love God the more and now they have somewhere to refer during sermons.

Others include the shoes courtesy of Jammie Njoki; she has become a darling and a household name to everyone in Karogoto.

The water project, the coffee factory trays, school painting and the house for the old man also has helped us get the community excited about what is going on. The knitting activities for the women is also picking up very well and last month  the ladies got their first payment out of the production of sweaters. We truly thank God that some of the homes that didn’t have anything for food due to the prevailing drought in the country at least now have hope of being able to put something on the table for their families.

Time will not allow me to talk about BrightPoint for Children and how much that means to over 60 students in the program. Kindly let all the sponsors know that we heartily appreciate their efforts and sacrifice to see that those kids stay in class and get quality education.

In conclusion please pass our Calvary love and greetings to everyone and the entire church. We will keep praying for you and may the almighty God continue to enrich you with his grace, peace and love. SHALOM!!!

For Karogoto community,

Pastor James Mwangi.

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