Kiu Community Graduation

What a Year!

As we look back on this year, we are proud to remember how the community of Kiu, Kenya recently graduated from their partnership with 410 Bridge!

This means that the goals set by their local community Leadership Council have been met and the community is fully empowered and equipped to continue things on their very own.

A Long List of Accomplishments

Since our partnership began in 2009, the 410 Bridge has brought:

  • Clean, sustainable, and accessible water has been provided to all 3,500 community members of Kiu
  • 223 community members graduated from Business Startup Training
  • 216 community members graduated from Foundations for Farming Training
  • 24,000 fruit trees have been planted across the community for economic empowerment
  • 118 livestock have been distributed and households trained up on how to care for their animals well
  • Dairy cow sustainability farms launched at each of our partner schools to provide resources needed to sustain quality education
  • 4 classroom blocks have been constructed at each of our partner schools
  • Kiu Primary School and Ndalani Primary School
  • Feminine products, uniforms, textbooks, desks, medical checkups, and many other resources provided to all 950 primary students who attend Kiu and Ndalani Primary Schools
  • 80% of all households in Kiu now have Bibles of their own
  • Established a thriving church community and established Church Leaders Fellowship

Every area in the community was impacted – Education, Water, Spiritual Development, Economic Development, and Health.

This is why 410 Bridge exists! To see communities grow and become empowered in these areas and to become confident in continuing their journey out of poverty.

A Collective Effort

Of course, this could not have been done without the collective efforts of our church and corporate partners, as well as general donors over the years. Thank you so much for your continued financial and prayerful support!

We were honored to have one of our amazing partners, Nativity Church, be able to attend the graduation ceremony. Their team has become like family to the community.

A Peek at the Celebration

We wish all of you could be there in-person but instead we hope that you’ll enjoy viewing these photos and this video of the Kiu Graduation Ceremony!

We’re excited to watch as Kiu continues to grow and prosper as a community! Please continue to pray for them as they continue on this journey!

Thank you again for your continued financial and prayerful support!

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