Improvements for education in Kahuria!

The update below is from Margaret Wamithi, our Education Program Assistant in Kenya!

“This past Spring, we visited the community of Kahuria. The purpose for the visit was to issue textbooks to Classes 1-3 at Kahuria Primary School and Mekaro Primary School. We arrived at Mekaro Primary School first. Dorcas Mbaria, the 410 Bridge Community Coordinator (CC) for Kahuria, along with teachers, parents, and students were eagerly waiting to receive the textbooks. The turnout was a bit low, but parents kept streaming in during the handover of the textbooks. A total of 341 textbooks, including story books, were distributed for the students in Classes 1-3. The headteacher said the government has only supplied them with textbooks for mathematics, English, and Kiswahili, thus they have not yet taught the newly introduced subjects.

Numbering books at Kahuria Primary School.

They also shared that most of the public schools do not have the new syllabus supplies, so they are now blessed to have the necessary supplies for the new syllabus. The parents helped in applying the polythene covers, stapling, stamping, and numbering the textbooks. We were received with songs and dances at Kahuria Primary School. A total of 331 textbooks were distributed, including story books. The parents were very excited, and they were ready for the exercise. The parents did not mind waiting to receive the textbooks. The students were also very happy and excited. Sarah Makumi, the Education Program Coordinator, urged the parents to take any exercise done for the community seriously, and that they should be more willing to play their role in any given community activities. They should be willing to participate in the community activities as this is meant to transform their community.

Distribution at Mekaro Primary School.

The headteacher appreciated all that they have achieved as a community through the partnership with The 410 Bridge. Sarah mentioned on the forthcoming 410 Bridge team from the U.S. which is going to work alongside the community to construct a block of classrooms at Kahuria Primary School. The parents will participate in the groundbreaking activity and digging trenches, and they promised to turn out in large numbers. Both schools promised to work hard and improve on their performance. The textbook to student ratio for Classes 1-3 at both schools has now improved from 1:8 to 1:1. This will make the learning much easier for both teachers and students. Also, the schools and the parents will be responsible to ensure that the textbooks are kept in good condition moving forward.

We wish Kahuria Primary School and Mekaro Primary School the very best, and we look forward to their improved performance. We thank God for a very successful exercise, and for His provision of the textbooks through the generosity of our 410 Bridge partners and donors in the U.S.”

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