Holiday Trip to Kwambekenya

The Holiday Open Trip participants to Kwambekenya had an amazing time seeing community leadership take charge.  The team was scheduled to use 410 project dollars to help cement a wooden school floor for their service project.  Before they arrived the Kwambekenya Leadership Council decided adding floors to a dilapidated school structure would not be a good source of the project funds and decided to build the new class rooms from scratch in a permanent and long lasting manner.



On the first day the team was welcomed and a groundbreaking was performed.  It was definitely not an American style ground breaking with pictures and one shovel of dirt! Within an hour the entire foundation was dug by numerous people.  Pastor David, the chairman of the LC, then broke the attendees into sections of the community to collect funds in the area for the rest of the building and challenged them to do so within the week.




The new class rooms will be complete within the month.  Through handing out Stories Books, , and the community receiving the positive national test results while they were there the team was able to see a continuing answer for improved education that has been a prayer in the community for several years.

Micah Thompson- Team Leader

410 Regional Rep: Florida


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