Here is another journal entry from the team that traveled to Haiti July 23-29. In case you missed it, check out the 1st entry, 2nd entry and the 3rd entry.

Anna Bailey collecting trash from a VBS participant

Anna Bailey collecting trash from a VBS participant

Day 4- Monday
Today was a long, fun filled day. We returned to the same place as Saturday to host a talent show and other VBS activities. Our bus pulled up to the church and we were instantly swarmed with hugs, smiles, and laughter. After hugging as many sweet children as we could, we moved everyone inside and started the talent show. The talent show was a hit, all the kids loved getting up and singing for the group as everyone clapped along. We had a couple performances from the team including: a rap, skit, and cupid shuffle demonstration. While we had the kids all inside we decided to teach the electric slide as well. Watching the kids try to catch on to the dance was fun, but to our surprise, we discovered Haitians found our dance style very foreign to them.

After the talent show we served the children a snack of goldfish, crackers, and lemonade.  We had to dilute the lemonade in order to serve the mass amounts of children who showed up. It was truly a “loaves and fish” story.

The last half of the day consisted of a number of different games. It was neat to see the team splitting up and using our own unique gifts to serve and play with the children. Some kids were playing hand games while others were dancing or playing soccer. It was such a joy to play with these beautiful children. Our day wrapped up when our soccer ball mysteriously went MIA.

Back at the Guest House we enjoyed another delicious meal and had more lively discussions during our team devotion. Discussing the challenges of short term mission work provided a great platform for pondering motives, purpose and impact. Amanda finished our night off with worship music and the song she recently composed, “Reign Down.”

More stories to follow!

Submitted by Anna Bailey