The Daraja Holiday Trip came to Kenya Dec 26-Jan 3 to facilitate the second annual Daraja Alumni Retreat.  We had SO MUCH FUN as we taught the children about their identity in Christ, how to be leaders among their students, how to stand for what they believe, confidence, managing social media in a godly way and so much more!

So many of the “children” of Daraja have grown so big! Over 14 of our students will be moving to high school this year!! WOW!

We spent 3 days with the Daraja Alumni who are 15 and under, then 3 days with those who are 16 and older. After that, we traveled to Ngaamba to encourage and build up the children who were a part of the 2011 choir. We had such a good time encouraging them that God is in control of all things and that He is still good, even though we had to cancel their 2011 tours. It was so encouraging and fun to hang out and encourage them also in their leadership skills!

Next year, we hope all of you come with us!

Christi Baker- Team Leader