This year at the Daraja Alumni Retreat, we tried something new and started focusing on the individual talents of the students. We offered different creative tracks they could choose from. Day one, the options were photography, cooking, art and adventure (learning how to make paper airplanes and tie knots). Day two was: music, art, dance, drama and adventure (see below).

Probably my favorite of all the events was the Adventure class on day two. The challenge was to design a boat that would be made out of cardboard and duct tape… then see who could successfully sail it (with one passenger) across the swimming pool of the conference facility. The top 3 designs were then executed, created and tested in the pool. We had so much fun watching them try out their designs and cheer on these future engineers.

Overall it was an amazing week of creativity and fun!

Kevin Muchina (Daraja 2009) sails his boat all the way across the pool!


Peter (Daraja 2010) has fun playing the glockenspiel as the music class learns "Eternal Light"


Dance class shows off their new moves from the dance they've created together...