Community Spotlight! Kwambekenya, Kenya

The community of Kwambekenya is doing extremely well! The big news in the past month involves clean water, the health clinic and classroom block construction!

The community is anxiously awaiting the start of the water project construction. The first phase for this project involves the construction of a dam and the laying of pipes. The Kwambekenya Leadership Council has decided to lead and carry out this project with the community members to demonstrate how the community has grown and developed. This was welcome news here at The 410 Bridge because we measure success in our communities, not by what we do for them, but what they do for themselves.

A new Health Clinic committee has been elected and began their term at the beginning of this month. The Leadership Council Chairman is a member of the new committee, as well as The 410 Bridge Community Coordinator, David Muchai. The health clinic is continuing to do well and is serving the community members each day.

The last phase of the 3-classroom block has begun! This project will allow the students to learn in a safe and conducive environment by getting rid of all wooden classrooms.

Thank you to all that have invested in the community and continue to keep the people of Kwambekenya in your thoughts and prayers!

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