Ndibai Start-up Training

Business Start-Up Training (BST) is an incredible program where people learn skills and strategies for starting small businesses. Ndibai has been able to receive a couple of these courses in the past year. Community members will receive the opportunity to sign up for a class. The classes are usually about one month long and are hosted by a trained indigenous facilitator.

BST graduates are empowered with the ability to create jobs and spark change in their communities as they step into their giftings. They are challenged in economic empowerment, social community, and spiritual growth.

Together, they participate.

BST in progress April 2018

Together, they learn.

Kurt Kandler : 410 Bridge Executive Director with Claire : 410 Bridge Kenya Program Director participating in BST

Together, they share ideas.

Together, they graduate.

April BST graduates.

Together, they help each other grow.

BST beneficiaries showcasing Thorn Melons for sale at a farmer’s home in Ndibai

Together, they empower each other.

Milka & her assistant showcasing a customer’s order after participating in BST

Together, they hold each other accountable.

BST graduates in a mentorship meeting post graduation sharing impact stories

Together, they make their community better.

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