Haiti Update

Widow Project

Our second service team just returned home from a week in Haiti.  The team was incredible, and we saw God do some pretty incredible things in and through the 12 people that answered the call to go and serve.  We had the opportunity to love on Orphans, to help 12 women start a small business that will allow them to earn income to feed their families and start to rebuild their lives, and we spent two amazing days working to build a house for a Widow and her family of seven kids.  This amazing women had her home totally destroyed by the earthquake and is living in a tent on the side of a mountain with her children.  As we interacted with her and her children, and worked side by side, we learned so much about family and faith.  As I attempted to explain to the “Madam” why we were there and that we were servants of Jesus, she quickly and boldly spoke up proclaiming “Jesus Loves Me” as she patted her hand against her heart.  What an incredible demonstration of faith!

I am wrapping up my time in Haiti today, and am very excited about the opportunities we have to serve the people of Haiti through the local Haitian Church.  Please continue to pray for our ministry as we unite and mobilize the body of Christ in the US, Kenya, and Haiti.

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