It’s Green in Ngaamba!!

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Photo Courtesy of Choose to Invest

Photo Courtesy of Choose to Invest

I recently returned from spending a couple of weeks in Kenya. It was a great trip and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our Kenya staff.  I asked some of them to share their thoughts on what is going on in Kenya and that I was sure our readers get tired of just hearing from us on this side of the bridge. 🙂  The following is from one of our Kenyan staff members, Abraham Mugutu.  He has led many teams for The 410 Bridge over the last three years and has a great heart to serve people.



I have been going to Ngaamba and leading teams for The 410 Bridge for three years now and I have never seen Ngaamba like it is today.  It is usually a dry area and the vegetation is always to a minimal. The wind blows carrying with it brown dust which bare witness to the bareness of the land.  Agriculture has been one of the main economic activities in Ngaamba, and one cannot help but wonder what is going on in the minds of the community members as they see the wind blowing away the very soil that they depend on for their lively hood. Dust ridden trees, thorny bushes, dry land and the scorching sun has been the picture of Ngaamba I have experienced…

I was there recently with a team from Greater Atlanta Christian School and what I saw I could hardly believe. The entire Ngaamba area from central, west, north and south is all green!!! The whole of Kenya has been experiencing rains and I am glad to say that Ngaamba is no exception.  The brown dust has been turned into life giving soil that brings with it crops, hope and life to the Ngaamba people. One of the best things is, that due to the drought, some of the young men had left their family to go and look for work in the main cities which has led to so many dysfunctions in the families because most of the men are far away from their families for a long time and some tend to have extra marital affairs.  Now since the rains are around, the men are back and as I was serving there I saw many of them working in the fields and working on 410 Bridge projects for their community!!! The people of Ngaamba mainly grow corn and beans, which they sell to neighboring cities therefore earning their living. I am glad to say that they are doing that now and this has brought joy, relief, and hope to their faces, hearts and life……

We praise God for providing rain for the communities of Ngaamba. Let’s all continue to pray for Ngaamba that they will one day live in the beauty of their dream… that is for every house to have tapped water which will not only flow into their homes but also to their hearts as they experience the true living water of Christ that never runs dry…

Abraham Mugutu

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