Hurricane Matthew Restoration

We’re moving out of relief & restoration and back into sustainable development, with a focus on long term impact.

Join us as we help families rebuild their livelihoods and help schools thrive again.


For hundreds of families living in 410 Bridge communities in southern Haiti the need is urgent. The hurricane decimated their agriculture and their livestock, and they face a severe food shortage in the coming months. Our goal is to provide 10 chickens to 1,450 needy families whose farms and livestock were destroyed. Both the chickens and the eggs will provide close to an average income for rural families when they need it most.

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Working together to empower nations and creating lasting life change.

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We work through the local church to serve and administer God’s grace.

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Programs are prioritized and organized by our local Leadership Councils.

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Hurricane Matthew Haiti Relief

Learn more about our work in Haiti post-Hurricane Matthew.

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Discover a healthy approach to global missions through five unique areas of community development.

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