Located near Karogoto, Tumutumu shares a similar geography. Most residents of Tumutumu are farmers that grow coffee in the hilly, elevated areas of the community. Families are quite spread out. There is a small-town center. Church leaders in Tumutumu are particularly strong. Leaders from different churches are united and work closely together and with the Leadership Council, sharing a big vision for their community.

Stories from Tumutumu

Tumutumu Church Goes the Extra Mile

Mzee Eldad Kabinga is over 80 years old and cares for his last-born son, who recently completed high school, in Tumutumu, Kenya. He is a farmer, attending to his coffee, bananas, and other crops daily as well as a member of his local church.   However, his house

Kenya Community Service Day 

Our 410 Bridge team in Kenya held their first-ever Community Service Day on April 8th in the community of Tumutumu. This was a special time for the 410 Bridge staff to give back to the community, bond with the local Leadership Council, and create lasting relationships with the

Business Start-up Training helps young girl turn life around in Tumutumu!

Our Business Start-up Training (BST) helps men and women in our communities learn how to start or strengthen a business, so that they can not only sustain themselves and their families, but help others in the community thrive as well. The successes we have seen across our

Tumutumu Community Update

During this time in history, the world is experiencing opportunities to innovate how we serve and love one another. Thanks to the generosity of our partners and the dedication and creativity of the Tumutumu Leadership Council and 410 Bridge staff, there is an abundance of good work

Tumutumu Foundations for Farming Success!

This is a raw report sent to us by our Kenya 410 Bridge Staff. In February 2020, a Foundations for Farming training was held for 63 community members in Tumutumu. 75% of those people were women trainees, the rest were men. The community’s level of participation was

Discovery Kids is launched in Tumutumu & Irigithathi!

We are excited to get Discovery Kids officially launched in Tumutumu and Irigithathi, Kenya! The program focuses on discipling and mentoring young students from the primary schools in our communities. Our main purpose for this is to help the students discover their spiritual talents and help them

Help restore Tumutumu toward dignity, purpose and freedom!