Generosity is using what you have to serve others!! Here’s a short glimpse of how we’ve seen that at work…

Our team had a goal of encouraging the Special Needs program in a 410 community.
The activity was beyond words.  We tried to teach the community that these children were not to be feared or shunned.  The moms were so interested and eager to learn anything that could help their children.  We had about 12 special needs children and it was really amazing.
One of the best times of the day was when we gathered the mom’s – some of our team were working with and watching the children – and we played catch with the mothers.  We just gave them a break and OH MY GOSH, the smiles and laughs – priceless and an image that will stay with me forever.  My guess is that this was probably the first time ever that some of these women had just played ball.  They were all decked out in their beautiful Maasai necklaces, but became ruthless with the ball, very quickly.

Before we loaded up on the bus, we had the community children sing a song in swahili to the special needs children – about how Jesus loved them.
Again – amazing.

Stacy- November Trip 2011