Many often ask the question of the true impact short-term mission trips can make on a community or country that seems to have such immense need.

At The 410 Bridge, we believe that our short-term mission teams are truly part of a long-term story. We see the greatest impact on community development and life transformation occur when local leaders are empowered to make key decisions within their respective communities in Kenya, Haiti and Uganda.

We are honored to be working with The Chalmers Center and co-authors Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert in their latest work, Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions, a small group experience created to assist church leaders in designing effective short-term trips while guiding participants to lasting learning and engagement with poverty alleviation.

As part of the project, Chalmers traveled to a 410 Bridge community in rural Haiti and spent five days interviewing our staff, local community leaders, and short-term team participants. During this time, many insights were gained and have been integrated into video teaching units for short-term teams.

We hope you will consider reading and implementing these invaluable resources into your short-term trip preparation, as they relate to how the body of Christ engages in healthy global missions. Look for the project to be released on October 1, 2014.

Read a full article published today by The Chalmers Center.