Heading into the summer and with many of you traveling to our 410 Bridge Communities in Kenya, we would love to share the most recent updates to the communities so that you are aware of what changes and growth has happened this year so far…

The following is information covered with our Karagoto Community church partners. We hope that all of you who have visited Karagoto will be encouraged at the growth and health in this community! (sorry there aren’t any pictures!)


  • Borehole. Drilled in April 2011 and producing over 60 Gallons per minute of clean, safe water.  This water is pumped to a 500,000 liter tank on the highest point in Karagoto.  This tank was built some 25 years ago with a promise that if the community built it, the government would bring water. This never happened and so the tank has been empty all these years.  The tank was refurbished and a roof put over it and now it holds 125,000 gallons of fresh water which will eventually be distributed to different areas of the community.  In July 2011, a new tank was built at Ngunguru Primary and water was piped to the new tank giving the kids in the school access to clean water and also allowed the kids to take water home each day.
  • Textbooks were purchased for the three primary schools in Karagoto, Ngunguru, Kahara and Gathogorero.  The books purchased now give the Grades 1-8 a ration of 2 kids per book.
  • Bibles were given to many homes in Karagoto which will give the people more access to an understanding of spiritual matters and more of a reason to attend churches
  • The building to house the Women’s Knitting Project is well underway with finishing items all that remains to be done
  • A seminar for single mothers was held to help these young mothers better understand how to care for their children and to have a forum for discussing their issues. They have agreed to continue to meet as a support group.
  • There are several BrightPoint for Children programs underway in Karagoto. Ngunguru Primary is in need of 40 additional sponsors for kids. Please to go the BrightpointforChildren.com website to see available sponsorships.
  • Visiting teams did home visits to more than 10 homes with special needs, conducting prayers within homesteads that brought a lot of hope and encouragement

Future Projects:

  • DBSP- The Community has requested a Dynamic Business Startup Program for 2012. This will teach attendees about basic business practices and new business ideas they may not think of
  • Water distribution to Kahara Primary and Kahara Community. This will consist of refurbishing an existing tank built 24 years ago and piping water from the borehole to this location
  • Completion of the Knitting Facility
  • Water distribution to 5 additional tanks in area
  • Pastor Training- The 410 Bridge has hired a spiritual trainer to work with pastors on a regular basis in our communities
  • Rejoice Project – A 252 virtue-based curriculum taught in the schools to raise up youth with strong moral values.
  • Additional Bibles so every home has a bible

Key Developments:

  • The community decided they needed a community pit latrine near the borehole so they raised the funds and have completed this project on their own. It is always a huge step when the community does for themselves.
  • The people in Kahiga village have started laying pipe from Ngunguru Primary to their community. This was started after water was completed to Ngunguru Primary. This again was started and funded by the residents
  • A team from our 410 Kenya office went to Karagoto and did a full day counseling seminary for secondary school kids. Topics covered were academic performance, peer pressure, relationships and drug use. This was done completely from Kenya.
  • There was a great improvement in KCPE results at Ngunguru Primary which has received both water and textbooks. The school was 2nd in the district and twice the number of pupils joined secondary school as compared to last year