Our Programs

Programs in each community are prioritized and organized by our local Leadership Councils.
The 410 Bridge and our partners work alongside them to help them achieve their goals.

Business Startup Training

Through our Business Startup Training, people learn skills and strategies for starting small businesses.

Graduates experience:
  • Economic empowerment
  • Social community
  • Spiritual growth

BST graduates are empowered with the ability to create jobs and spark change in their communities as they step into their giftings.


Part of the 410 Bridge Sponsorship program, Rejoice gives children the opportunity to learn about God and grow spiritually as they make new friends.

We believe children learn best when they’re having fun! Each month, Rejoice focuses on a theme or value like love, honesty, or trust.

Freedom for Girls

In the rural communities where we work, girls often drop out of school as teenagers, because of their monthly cycles.

Freedom for Girls gives girls the freedom to stay in school and continue reaching their full potentials through education.

Hope Savings Groups

The Hope Savings curriculum is based on Biblical principles, with the goal of achieving financial empowerment. The group setting allows people to encourage each other and hold each other accountable, and the curriculum offers practical tips like how to:

  • Balance a personal budget
  • Pay of debt
  • Grow personal savings
  • Give generously

Maternal Health

Take a look at the Maternal Health Care Program Maggie founded to empower new moms with health resources and skills. Through this program, women come together to find community and be equipped to:

  • Take care of their health while pregnant
  • Reduce infant mortality rates and increase hospital deliveries
  • Care for infants and young children 

Foundations for Farming

With elements of discipleship and practical farming techniques, farmers learn techniques to sustainably increase crop yields and grow spiritually. Graduates of Foundations for Farming are equipped to:

  • Increase crop yields season after season
  • Implement sustainable practices to care for the soil
  • Work with other local farmers in a community setting
  • Grow spiritually in their relationships with God

We conduct our work though a unique community development model inviting people to use their gifts to serve and administer God’s grace, as we are commanded in 1 Peter 4:10.

Our Development Model