About Chadirac

Chadirac is one of the first communities The 410 Bridge partnered with in Haiti. Nestled on the side of a mountain with a gorgeous view of the coastline, people in Chadirac grow coffee and other crops. Chadirac has a very strong sense of community. The Leadership Council has a passion and desire to leave their community better for the next generation. One of their priorities is to improve education. They opened a school in a church building and started with 90 students, which quickly grew to about 400. In partnership with the 410 Bridge, they’ve built a new school building where over 600 students now attend school.

ProgramObjectivesStatusTotal Cost
SponsorshipEnsure that all children have the chance to attend school and receive a quality education. Priority $39 per month per student
Economic Education Savings GroupsPartner with local leadership by providing resources for economic and personal finance education and savings groups.Priority Needs funding
Leadership Development Program Provide the Leadership Council with the training and resources they need to lead effectively OngoingPartially funded
Health Training Initiative Train individuals with first aid and health practices they can share with the rest of the community Priority Needs funding
Water Project IInstall a water treatment system, including storage tanks, piping and a solar powered electric pump to provide reliable safe water Complete Fully funded
Classroom Block Construction Join Chadirac in constructing new classroom blocks to provide additional space as more children enroll in school Complete Fully funded
Sanitation Project Join the community in building pit latrines, decreasing the risk of waterborne illness Complete Fully funded
Road Construction  Led by the Chadirac Leadership Council, help construct a road that will allow easier access to the schoolComplete Fully funded







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Asset Map

Community development starts when we learn about what gifts and assets a community has.

10 seeds

Our local Leadership Council measures community empowerment using the 10 Seeds Assessment.