About Camp Mary

Camp Mary is located outside Saint-Marc, nestled in a valley between mountains and the coastline. The Leadership Council is very strong and has a big vision for their community. The community stepped up in a big way to help with the water project, which is the largest scale water project the 410 Bridge has done in Haiti. One of the main challenges in Camp Mary is food security. The Leadership Council has made it a priority to improve farming, and their vision is for Camp Mary to becoming producers for their region.

ProgramObjectivesStatusTotal Cost
SponsorshipEnsure that all children have the chance to attend school and receive a quality education.Priority$39 per month per student
Water ProjectJoin the community in installing a reliable safe water system, including a chlorinator system, tap stands, trenching and piping. CompleteFully funded
Pastors TrainingEmpower pastors with the resources they need to serve their churches and reach more community members.CompleteFully funded
Leadership TrainingProvide the Leadership Council with the resources they need to lead their communityCompleteFully funded







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Asset Map

Community development starts when we learn about what gifts and assets a community has.

10 seeds

Our local Leadership Council measures community empowerment using the 10 Seeds Assessment.