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We’re mobilizing relief teams for cleanup, construction, grief ministry, and medical needs.

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Affected Areas

Hurricane Matthew Relief Plan

Last updated: 10/27/2016


  • Relief Supplies

    Coordinate distribution of relief supplies (food, medicine, water, temporary shelter & clothing) between major relief organizations and 410 Bridge Leadership Councils, directly to 410 Bridge Communities.

  • Temporary Shelter

    Provide tarps and supplies for residents to secure and protect a portion of their damaged home.

  • Relief Teams

    Medical and construction service teams mobile to serve in the hardest hit communities.

  • Safe Water Systems

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  • Semi-Permanent Housing: (est. $1,500/structure)

    Clean and create home sites for new housing. Approximately 50 – 95% of the 13,000 homes in 410 Bridge southern coastal communities have been damaged or destroyed.

  • Economic Restoration

    Immediately address agriculture and livestock losses to reduce or eliminate food insecurity in 3-6 months.

  • Service Teams

    Mobilize specialized service teams for medical needs, home repair, clean up, and creating home sights.

  • Schools (TBD pending assessment)

    Assess damages to schools in 410 Bridge communities, build temorary school structures and coordinate school supplies and equipment, desks, etc.

Give to Hurricane Matthew Haiti Relief

Thank you for supporting our relief efforts in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. We’re working closely with our Leadership Councils to mobilize funds. Your support will be used for the most urgent needs as prioritized by local church leaders and our in-country staff.