Tabarre Guest House

Stay at Tabarre!

The 410 Bridge Guest House, located in the Port-au-Prince suburb of Tabarre, is the headquarters for our 410 Bridge staff and also serves as a safe and comfortable guest house for visitors to Haiti. Many of The 410 Bridge service teams relax before they head out to 410 Bridge communities, and before they depart for their long flights home.

We are excited to make the Tabarre Guest House available to outside teams who are looking for a comfortable and safe place
to stay in Port-au-Prince.


Amenities & Location

3 rooms in total:
Room #1: 6 Bunks and 1 single (13 people)
Room #2: 5 Bunks and a single (11 people)
Room #3: 4 Bunks (8 people)

5 showers
5 toilets

A/C and Fans
Mosquito nets
Breakfast & Dinner (2 meals)

10 minutes from PAP International Airport

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Booking Inquiry

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