Cindy’s Sharon.. a story of sponsorship

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Summer of 2007 I was happy to help out 410 Bridge and co-host two girls from Daraja Children’s Choir. I agreed to cook dinners, make sack lunches, pick up and entertain a couple of kids for a couple of stays here in Atlanta. Yes, serving God and the children was all about making the best lunches and giving them a great experience while in our care!  I have never been so wrong in my life.

Looking back, I see that MY plans to do for them were all formed from my tiny, worldly lens. However, God was using a different pair of binoculars.

Since 2007 I have entered into amazing relationships of sponsorship with some of the Daraja children.  In 2010 I realized sweet Sharon from the 2007 choir was in need of a sponsor for the retreats that bring the kids back together, strengthen their faith, renew the bonds of Daraja family, and worship God.  I jumped on the chance to be a part of this kind of partnership.

October 2011 I was traveling in Kenya when to my utter surprise a beautiful young Kenyan girl boarded our bus.  Our trip leader, Christi, introduced the young lady to our group as Sharon from the 2007 choir.  She made her way down the isle giving hugs as I tried with all my might to take this moment all in.  She fell into my arms as we felt the years roll back and all the letters written between us become full in our hearts.  We spent and extraordinary day together getting all cau

ght up, sharing the joys, the fears, the trials, and hope we have in our lives.  The 2011 choir sang Our God is Greater and we held hands and felt the impact of just how great God has been to put our hearts  and lives together.

Sharon shared her spiritual goal is to honor God by bringing one person to know Him.  She had no idea, she already has that one.

Sharon and Grace at the 2012 April Alumni retreat


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